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Useful Downloads:
Adobe Acrobat - you need this for PDF files.  Click the logo link:  
Click here for a Powerpoint Reader if you don't have it on your own computer.  However, if you’re one of my students, you should be using Office 365 which has the powerpoint software.
If you have MS Works on your computer, it's not much good if you want to read it at college - it's not compatible with MS Office.  But Open Office is a really good FREE office suite, which is compatible.  Click on the Logo and Download. 
But again, you should have access to Office 365 if you’re one of my students.  
If you’re a visitor then it’s Open Office for you!
 Slow connection (e.g. still on dial up?)  then see me and I'll put it on a USB stick or CD for you.
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PsychoSpace2013 is no longer available from this site.  The material for the blog is either in Moodle or on the Moodle Forum.